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The Rolex Cellini Replica Girard-Perregaux Neo-Tourbillon last year was a striking and Rolex Cellini Replica innovative piece. GP's three bridges are a classic design that lacks modernity. This is despite being part of their brand's DNA. GP has brought a new interpretation to this concept with the Rolex Cellini Replica Neo-Tourbillon. It is both complex and elegant, yet it is designed in an architecturally-stylized way. The Girard-Perregaux Neo-Tourbillon, which was previously available in rose gold with 3 bridges, is now available in a modern DLC-coated Titanium Rolex Cellini Replica case.The Girard Perregaux Neo Tourbillon is a new, innovative and stunning watch. The brand's iconic design is revived with an architectural design that doesn't compromise the heritage of the GP pocket watches. The new Black DLC Titanium Rolex Cellini Replica edition is more exciting because it gives the piece a more modern and sporty appearance. Price: 133.000 Swiss Francs (remember: The 18k Rose Gold was priced at 145.000 Swiss Franks).Rolex Cellini Replica

The Tourbillon Omega Replica Watches three bridges by GP concept is simple. All Rolex Cellini Replica technical elements starting from energy storage to the regulating organ, are vertically aligned. They are held in place horizontally by 3 thin bridges. The main barrel of the Neo-Tourbillon Rolex Cellini Replica can be found under the bridge at the top. It provides energy for 60 hours. The barrel's upper wheel is skeletonized and beveled. It can also be polished, circular grained, and engraved. Rolex Cellini Replica The axis of your hands is located in the middle. Just below it is the third wheel on the gear train. The last bridge houses the one-minute tourbillon with its thin, lyre-shaped floating box. That's all. It is a very easy to understand watch, which feels both mechanical and clean with sharp lines.Rolex Cellini Replica

The Girard-Perregaux rolex replica watches Neo-Tourbillon DLC Titanium employs the Rolex Cellini Replica famous concept the three bridges. They are usually made of gold, then bevelled, polished, and patiently shaped. The Neo-Tourbillon's bridges are made from titanium and sand-blasted to create a modern, architectural design. The first advantage of this Rolex Cellini Replica method is the ability to create complex 3-dimensional shapes (which are lighter due to the use titanium). The second is the cost, which is considerably lower than hand-shaped or hand-finished golden bridges. The entire movement is coated in PVD and matte. Only the mobile elements are visible: barrel, wheels and Rolex Cellini Replica hands, and tourbillon.The watch's entire black color scheme has been retained. The 45mm titanium case is coated in black diamond-like carbon (DLC). There are many consequences to using titanium. It is light and elegant, but still a substantial piece of haute horlogerie. Titanium is also known for being strong and Rolex Cellini Replica durable. This metal is coated in black and blends perfectly with the idea of an architectural and modern watch. The Rolex Cellini Replica price of the 18k rosegold edition will also be lower. The Neo-Tourbillon's coolest feature is its absence of a bezel. Instead, it uses a large boxed glass that provides a detailed view of the dial and movement from all angles.Rolex Cellini Replica

This dial is very clean because the central wheel is the only visible Rolex Cellini Replica part of the geartrain. Rest of the watch is visible from the back. The escapement wheel, first and second wheels can be seen from the case back. The same goes for the energy section. Rolex Cellini Replica We can see a nice ratchet weekly (shaped like a grand-sonnerie-style winding ratchet), and a winding wheels with spokes that remind us of the tourbillon's case.The movement of the Girard-Perregaux Neo-Tourbillon has many technical elements located on its top side. This makes it very simple. However, it comes with the usual and excellent GP finish - frosted mainplate with polished Rolex Cellini Replica bevelled angles and bevelled wheels.The automatic calibre is the last feature of this movement. Although it may not be obvious, the Calibre Girard Perregaux GP09400 has a platinum micro-rotor just below its main barrel. This movement has only 245 Rolex Cellini Replica components, despite having a tourbillon that contains 80 components and a self-winding mechanism. Sometimes less is more.Rolex Cellini Replica