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I can recall growing up in Omega Speedmaster Replica the 80s and being captivated by the GTV's Omega Speedmaster Replica aggressive design. The GTV was an exclusive car that leans towards the more expensive side but also has beauty, performance, and charisma. This made it a vehicle that was Omega Speedmaster Replica both rare and sought-after. My father was a huge fan of GT-coupe aesthetics. He also loved fine automobiles. I can recall him pointing out to his son, aged ten, the way that the GTV seemed to "sit" on its rear tires when it was under Omega Speedmaster Replica power. It was the most popular coupe of the day. You could see Al Pacino driving a GT version in "Bobby Deerfield" and Roger Moore riding a GTV6 in "Octopussy", where he did some stunts while being chased down by police BMWs. You could also choose Charlotte Rampling's red GTV in Jacques Deray’s Omega Speedmaster Replica adaptation of Robin Cook's novel "He Died with His Eyes Open"; or Christophe Clark of porn-star fame, who could not resist the sexiness and elegance of a second series grey GTV 2.0.Omega Speedmaster Replica

You probably Omega Replica Watches know that these lines were written by someone who Omega Speedmaster Replica was enchanted by GTV. Its angular beauty and the sound of GTA-type racing trumpets will make anyone smile. It was 20 years ago that the long-awaited acquaintance and Omega Speedmaster Replica purchase occurred. A lot has since happened. The goal was rather obscure. It wasn't to have a car that would be used for parading on weekends, but to create a street-able, period-correct, but "souped up" version of the GTV. It would be a car Omega Speedmaster Replica that reminded us of those days when gentlemen drove the same cars every day.Omega Speedmaster Replica

The engine's two-liter capacity was extensively overhauled. This Omega Speedmaster Replica included high-lift racing camshafts and larger valves. Also, the ported and gas-flowed head, hi-compression pistons and special racing conrods. There were also rare Dellorto 45 Omega Speedmaster Replica "powerjet" carburators equipped with GTAm racing trumpets. A larger exhaust manifold and oil cooler. As the journey towards completing what I call "a passionate man’s vision" continued, more improvements were made: large-diameter split disc brake rotors with four-pot callipers and lighter alloy hubs for front end (much as Group 2 cars), rare short steering rack (2.2 instead of the Omega Speedmaster Replica original 3.6 turns), custom made close ratio gearbox and limited slip differential, track day focused interior, etc. The exterior appearance of the car was largely unchanged, except for the rare Ronal Turbo wheels.Omega Speedmaster Replica

It is fast and responsive in a omega replica very old-fashioned way. Even though it is Omega Speedmaster Replica only 2 liters, it can race GTV6s with ease. (It is lighter and more powerful). The car retains a lot of its GT Omega Speedmaster Replica personality and charisma. This combination is sorely missed by many drivers today. As with many similar projects, I understand that this will be a never-ending task. Did it seem pretentious to reach my goal? It was, I'm sure. Do I regret Omega Speedmaster Replica building it as it is today? It is not for the faintest moment.Omega Speedmaster Replica