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The new Traveler Omega Constellation Replica WW.TC is comfortable to wear on the wrist. It is not Omega Constellation Replica the smallest watch at 44mm in diameter, but the lugs are quite short and the rubber/leather strap fits comfortably on the wrist. The watch has a sporty, rugged look that is both manly and elegant enough to be worn with a suit or shirt.Girard-Perregaux does not have the model we received for this review. Omega Constellation Replica Although it is the white dial version, "ours" has 2 sub dials in black and could be considered a "panda". The online catalog from GP (see here), only shows two versions of the steel version: one with a white dial, one with a black dial, and one with two beige sub dials. We hope this combination of colors will be on the market. However, we are not sure. We have always loved the panda Omega Constellation Replica dial version for previous WW.TC models because it has a certain playful quality.Omega Constellation Replica

All WW.TC Omega Replica Watches pieces have the main feature of the world timer. We Omega Constellation Replica consider a world timer to be the most useful of all complications. It's not just useful for travel, but it can also be used daily. We can connect with people all over the globe via Omega Constellation Replica internet, whether they're business contacts, friends, or family. It is possible to view the local time of each person only by using a world timer.The Traveler WW.TC is more than a tool for modern people. It can be worn with almost any outfit except black tie. The chronograph is a great addition to the watch's Omega Constellation Replica sporty look, but the overall design of the case, strap, and folding clasp contributes to that style. These sporty looks go beyond just looking good. The WW.TC can be used to measure the time, and can even be worn while swimming. These ratings do not allow for deep-sea diving.Omega Constellation Replica

The pusher omega constellation replica located at the 2 o’clock position is used to start and stop Omega Constellation Replica the chronograph. At 4 o’clock, the pusher resets all chronograph hands back to zero. The crown is used to adjust the world timer, wind it, adjust the time and adjust the date. Omega Constellation Replica This is a new feature, as the crown was used to turn the disk with 24 cities at 9 o’clock on previous WW.TC models. The crown can now rotate the ring at 3 o’clock.The dial features a central dial with parallels and meridians engraved, almost like a globe with no continents. It is surrounded by an hour ring in Omega Constellation Replica black/white, which is then surrounded again by a rotating disk that contains 24 cities from all the major time zones around the world. Because there are many time zones that differ by as much as 30 minutes (India, Afganistan, and Afganistan, Omega Constellation Replica among others), or even 15 minutes (Nepal), I said main time zones.Omega Constellation Replica

Two black sub dials were Replica Watches used in the "panda", with red accents for the Omega Constellation Replica 30-minutes register at 9 o’clock and running seconds at 3 o’clock. The white/silver dial is used for the 12-hours chronograph registers at 6 o'clock. The date window, as on all WW.TC models is located between 1 and 2. The brand's logo (an Omega Constellation Replica appliqué GP logo), and name are located at the 12 o’clock position. All hours except for 3, 6, and 9, are illuminated round hour makers.The 44 mm diameter stainless steel case has a sapphire front and back crystals that reveal the automatic wound caliber GP3300-0084. Two pushers are located on the right-Omega Constellation Replica hand side to control the chronograph and a crown. The design of the new Travel WW.TC has been quite different from the previous series, which was produced between 2000 and 2012. The crown on the left side no longer serves any purpose. Omega Constellation Replica This is the most significant design change. All functions now operate from the crown on the right, and this crown is protected by crown guards.Omega Constellation Replica