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Monochrome loves Omega De Ville Replica world timers. This is the best complication for Omega De Ville Replica modern-day travellers. Girard Perregaux introduced the WW.TC – which stands for World Wide Time Control – in 2000. Last year, tit was given a major overhaul, both functionally and aesthetically, and renamed Girard Perregaux Traveller WW.TC. Omega De Ville Replica Girard-Perreagaux today introduces a new version of the WW.TC in titanium coated with black DLC.The titanium case makes the new version lighter and the DLC coating gives it a cool black look. DLC coating is extremely durable and resistant to Omega De Ville Replica scratches, making the watch even more suitable for travel around the globe. The dial's center features a three-dimensional representation showing the locations of latitudes and longitudes across the globe. The chronograph is located in the middle of the dial. It is tri-compax (meaning sub dials at 3-9-9), and it is here Omega De Ville Replica that the date is displayed.

The world timer is Omega Replica Watches located around all of this. It has a clearly Omega De Ville Replica identifiable city ring which represents 24 different cities in 24 time zones. Additionally, it has a black/white 24-hour indicator indicating the correct time in each city. It is practical and Omega De Ville Replica easy-to-read. The black/white 24-hour ring can be used to indicate whether it is day or night in each city. While the city ring can be static, the black/white one is constantly in motion and completes a full turn in 24 hours. The single crown at three Omega De Ville Replica o'clock can set everything. Last year, we reviewed the Traveller WW.TC and provided all you need to know about world timesrs.The Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945 collection is a watch that exudes a sense of elegance and nobility like few others. Omega De Ville Replica The Vintage 1945 collection is virtually unchanged from its Art Deco-inspired original from 1945. With its distinctive square shape and conical lugs that taper, it can be said to owe more to traditional stately architecture than to accepted watch Omega De Ville Replica design. However, this timeless mix of modern and classic styling cues has made the Vintage 1945 collection a huge success since its rebirth in 2004.Omega De Ville Replica

A new Girard Perregaux omega replica Vintage 1945 Large Day and Moon Phases Omega De Ville Replica has been added to this distinguished family tree. The large date, moonphase or combination of them are not new, but the sapphire crystal dial makes it stand out, showing off the Omega De Ville Replica technical expertise behind this beautiful timepiece.Girard-Perregaux is partial to a little adventure. They often add subtle (or bold, as brass) twists and turns to their'standard' fayre. As a manufacturer in the true meaning of the word, their in-house movements can be very interesting. It's nice to see the GP03300-0105 self-winding automatic movement right where it belongs - in a Vintage 1945.The glass has had the arabic numerals and tapering hours Omega De Ville Replica indices applied to it. They are interspersed by printed white minutes that are placed right around the edges of the dial. The hands of the steel dauphine, as well as the numerals, are brushed in a directional manner, creating a deep, silver-grey effect that contrasts with the impeccable polishing on this case.Omega De Ville Replica

The sapphire dial has a Replica Watches dark, smoked tint, which makes it not Omega De Ville Replica transparent. This means that while everything beneath it is visible (e.g. the date discs or the moon phases), it is only when the apertures are opened that the colours can be clearly seen. Omega De Ville Replica The stony grey steel mainplate, with its directional grained finish, accents the large Geneva stripes.The date rings are interconnected by a white-rimmed window. Below the 12 is the large date. This date jumps ahead at midnight. Simply apply the date figures to the clear left-hand disc and there's no difference Omega De Ville Replica between each disc's markings. Thus, the numerals below appear seamless. This delightful moon phase, located just below the 6 and with a nearly sixty-day cycle, occupies the same space that the small seconds.Omega De Ville Replica